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Author : Michel Dufour


Here is  an original manual which immediately emphasizes understanding and the purpose of knowledge. It is currently  a reference in terms of anatomical pedagogy.

Its design facilitates the acquisition of knowledge:

  • The author has designed more than 600 color figures always placed next to the text using an original approach where functionality and intelligibility of information take precedence.
  • The structure of the text chapters with simple plans and systematic summary tables promotes logical memorization.
  • For each anatomical structure, palpatory and patho-mechanical indications  make it possible to strengthen knowledge by emphasizing practical interests.

This reference work offers a complete reading of the lower limb: osteology arthrology myology fibrous apparatus neurology angiology morpho-topography.

It also offers a self-evaluation by QROC and chrono-QROC of the original dissection images and regional plates from Franck Netter's famous atlas. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

First book taking into account the entire anatomy program of physiotherapy studies musculoskeletal system as well as professional physiotherapists or doctors who will find this document easy to consult.

This new, fully updated edition offers the reader ever more precise and relevant information and an optimal match between the text and the figures. The self-assessment part has been enriched by chrono-QROC original and unique elaboration of answers organized according to time.


Editor: Elsevier Masson

Release date : 06/2015

Format : 270 x 210 x 30cm, 552 pages, 1700g

ISBN: 9782294745027

Anatomy of the musculoskeletal system - Volume 1 Lower limb

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  • 9782294745027

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