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Authors : Adrien Pallot, Stephan Rostagno, Clémentine Tourlet


  Adopting an approach centered on the patient by syndrome and not by pathology, this volume addresses through 7 main parts and 46 chapters several important themes of training in physiotherapy: on the other hand the semiology, physiopathology and pathology in the neuromuscular field (UE16) and on the other hand the evaluation of the techniques and tools of Intervention in this same field (UE 20). 

A final section, which can be consulted online, offers a large number of evaluation scales. The contents follow the International Classification of Functioning.


Editor: Elsevier Masson

Release date : 01/2022

Format : 210 x 270 mm, 568 pages, 1500 g

ISBN: 9782294770524

Rehabilitation in neurology

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  • 9782294770524

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