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SEIRIN® type B 
The SEIRIN® type B needle has been improved for more precision (centering of the needle on a new fluted polypropylene handle). The needle is made of special stainless steel. SEIRIN® Type B acupuncture needles undergo 8 stringent quality checks. They are cleaned by electrolysis and sterilized by EO gas. 3 year warranty. The packaging is colored so as not to confuse the needles and it is easier to open with one hand (Easy-to-open). The tightness of the packaging is also more efficient.

Size: 0.25x40mm

Purple handle

Quantity: 100 needles

SEIRIN® type B. Size: 0.25 x 40mm, purple handle and 100 needles per box

VAT Included
  • acupuncture needle

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