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Authors: William G. Boissonnault, William Raymond Vanwye

Translation: Michel Pillu, Damien Philippeau


Primary care in physiotherapy is specially designed to respond to the essential and growing role of physiotherapists in primary care.


The content prepares students and practitioners to understand common issues encountered with patients seen in direct access. It covers all the information and skills the professional needs to succeed in this field.


This book is divided into three parts : 

  • the first part describes primary care models in which massage therapists-physiotherapists are the entry point for certain patient populationscc190578 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_;
  • la deuxième partie se concentre sur les compétences du masseur-kinésithérapeute en termes d'examen, de réorientation du patient when needed and  a direct access primary care delivery model ;
  • la troisième partie aborde les populations particulières de patients qui présentent des caractéristiques et des problèmes spécifiques telles que la population adolescente , the patient in the field of obstetrics and also the geriatric population.


This reference guide written by American colleagues with direct access to their payroll  is intended for French massage therapists to enable them to develop their skills in this field of primary care.


Editor: Elsevier Masson

Release date : 09/2022

Format : 276 x 216 x 20cm, 512 pages, 1283g

ISBN: 9782294774263

Primary care in physiotherapy

SKU: 4118200
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  • 9782294774263

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