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Diagnosis and therapy based on evidence. The 30 main muscles of the body.

Authors: Docteur Peter REILICH,  Christian GRÖBLI, Jan DOMMERHOLT, Daniel BÖSCH.


Musculoskeletal pain or myofacial pain is pain that is localized and focused around an area: the trigger point. These painful areas are characterized by a tightness, a knotty hardening in the form of a cord formed by several muscle fibers. Often associated with pathologies, these pains are the most frequent of the musculoskeletal system. 
This book provides an update on the therapeutic management of these pains. It presents in a didactic way for each painful area or trigger point the symptom and the therapy used: Dry Needing which consists of pricking with an acupuncture needle or manual therapy . 
The subject supported by practical boxes is based on a rich and relevant iconography composed of numerous anatomical drawings and photos. This first French translation of the work German Myofasziale Schmerzen und Triggerpunkte  is intended for health professionals concerned with the management of myofacial pain such as physiotherapists or manual therapists.


Editor: Elsevier Masson

Release date : 15/09/2021

Format : 240 x 170 x 10mm, 248 pages, 481g

Myofascial pain and trigger points

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