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Authors: David Butler, Lorimer Mosley.

Translation: Marie Bacelon.


In a world facing an epidemic of chronic pain and growing evidence of designer drug failure; simple yet extremely powerful educational tools can effectively target the natural pain processing systems we all possess. 
We now know that understanding better why things hurt can actually help people manage their pain. The latest scientific advances in the fields of neurophysiology, brain imaging, immunology, psychology and cell biology provide an explanatory basis, serving as a springboard for an in-depth exploration of pain. Expressed in everyday language and filled with unusual illustrations, Explaining Pain answers several questions. How are pain responses produced by the brain? How do autonomic, motor or immune system responses contribute to pain? Why can the pain persist, even though the tissues have had plenty of time to heal? Explaining Pain aims to offer clinicians and people with pain the opportunity to question their view of pain, and to consider new models of understanding about what happens in pain. After learning more about the processes involved, they can embark on a scientific path to recovery.



““This book, totally adapted to each of us, both professionals and people with pain, marks an essential turning point that will change our lives. It guides us on the path of taking pain into account: by daring to explain it, by daring to understand it and educate ourselves so as not to suffer it, and live happily!»”

Martine Chauvin, patient-expert, founder of a patient association


Editor: Noi Group

Release date : 01/09/2021 (Translation original edition of 2013)

Format : 295 x 210 x 15mm, 138 pages, 653g

ISBN: 9780648022749

explain the pain

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  • Official translation of the book Explain Pain written by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley for the NOI Group. Marie Bacelon led the French translation project for several months to refine the level of requirements concerning the content of the text.

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