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The kit makes it possible to receive both the adhesive strip (white for protection of the skin) and the rigid strip (pink) which stabilizes.

* A band SPS38 :_cc781905-5cde-3193_6bb3b-bad
This beige tape, very rigid and highly adhesive, is indicated for joint restraints and allows resistance to significant efforts. 
The specially formulated zinc oxide adhesive in this tape is heat sensitive and increases its bond with heat. In addition, it is resistant to perspiration, water or low temperatures. 
Its serrated edges make it easy to cut without scissors. 
This product contains latex. It cannot be used on unprotected skin wounds. 
Dimensions: 38 mm wide for 13.7 meters long 

* A band FIX50 :_cc781905-5cde-31946_bb35bcf-18d
The FIX50 is a white, hypoallergenic tape that can be used under the beige Endura SPS8 tape. Lightweight and stretchy, this tape provides extra comfort and skin protection, especially for sensitive skin. 
This product does not contain latex. It cannot be used directly on unprotected skin wounds, it is not sterilized. 
Dimensions: 50 mm wide for 10 meters long

Kit including 1 SPS38 and 1 FIX50

VAT Included
  • Tape

  • Shipments are usually made within 3 days.

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