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SEIRIN® type J 

The SEIRIN® needle type J is extremely fine and includes a small guide tube whose rounded edges allow painless penetration. The SEIRIN® needle tip can be inserted with very little pressure by tapping the handle lightly. The needle is made of special stainless steel. 
The centering of the needle on the handle (dimension 2.0 x 20 mm) in fluted polypropylene makes handling very comfortable. 

SEIRIN® needles type J are available in different versions and lengths. Each number and each needle length has its own handle color in order to keep a good overview during the treatment. 

SEIRIN® Type J acupuncture needles undergo 8 stringent quality checks. They are cleaned by electrolysis and sterilized by EO gas. 3 year warranty. 

Size: 0.14 x 40mm 
Green handle 
Guide tube 
Quantity: 100 needles

SEIRIN® type J. Size: 0.14 x 40 mm, guide tube and 100 needles

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  • Livraison standard ou en relais colis en 3 à 5 jours ouvrés en France métropolitaine. Compter une à 2 semaines pour les autres destinations. 

    Frais d'envoi postal offert dès 200€ TTC d'achat (France Métropolitaine)

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