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Brian Mulligan's " Self-SNAG " straps are designed to allow the practitioner trained patient to easily and effectively administer joint mobility enhancement in the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine. The Self-SNAGs straps are adjustable, do not slip on the skin and optimize leverage on the spinous process.

The Mulligan self-SNAG strap is more effective than the towels usually used.

This cervical strap is excellent for self-treatment of C1/C2 rotation restrictions. Restrictions at this level most often cause  headaches, some of which can be severely disabling. The cervical strap has just the right width to effectively support the transverse process of C1.

Self Snag Strap - Cervical

VAT Included
  • Self-mobilization belt

  • Shipments are usually made within 3 days.

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